HUP Concept
 Here are referred as projects, common endeavors in the HUP-related area. There are not only funded, institutional projects but also initiatives and breakthrough activities. VITHUS projects could be the own VITHUS proposition, or not. To be a VITHUS project means that, at least one VITHUS member is involved in. Not necessarily all the project team members might be VITHUS members.

A VITHUS project, in the sense we list here, must be understood as an invitation addressed to VITHUS members, as well as to other organizations, to participate, to continue, to seek new approaches. VITHUS can be a collaborative, informal instrument to enhance intellectual added value in the HUP direction.

The following items we do account as VITHUS Projects:

 Academic Network for Human Performance (details)
 SMOPERR (.pps, 131KB)
 MotriX (.pdf, 107KB)
 CASINOR (link to page)
 Human Performance GRID (details)
 Mobile Telemedicine (link to page)
 Assessing Human Performance by Posturology (link to page)
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