HUP Concept
 Joining VITHUS is simply. Just send an Expression of Interest, no fixed format, by e-mail, to the Board, at vithus@onlinesolutions.ro

The Expression of Interest must be send by an authorized person in the name of a legally incorporated organization (institution, association, company, or a distinct sub-structure of those mentioned). The Expression of Interest must be supported by convincing elements related to the applicant's experience, achievements and/or potential in the field of Human Performance field, related to the VITHUS mission, projects or simply related to Human Performance - HUP - research and/or applications.

Previously applying, the candidate might explore the VITHUS site www.vithus.ro - section About VITHUS - and, if necessary, ask the Executive Secretary at vithus@onlinesolutions.ro for extra specific information or for the significant fragment of the VITHUS establishment Memorandum of Understanding.

Once the Scientific Committee agree on the new adhesion, the applicant will be notified and asked to name his member Organization representative in the Scientific Committee. The nomination must be accompanied with the operating e-mail of the Member Organization's representative (the above significance), and the operating e-mail of the legal representative of the Member Organization.

Since that moment, the applicant is Member Organization of VITHUS and his nominee peer member of VITHUS' Scientific Committee. The elder VITHUS' Member Organizations welcome that the new one aggregate in existing and/or propose new projects.
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