HUP Concept
 VITHUS stands for Virtual Institute of Technology Applications for HUman Performance Skills. As the name says VITHUS intend to provide a virtual space to generate and exchange knowledge, to develop methods and applications aiming to contribute to the enhancement of human capabilities defined into a holistic manner as HUman Performance - HUP.

In the virtual space act players interested in the HUP field, freely communicating and clustering into application-oriented groups. The work can be done just on free knowledge sharing basis and/or on institutional basis as projects, scientific programs and others. The VITHUS' mission is to foster mix-professional work into scientific and societal benefit. The VITHUS' output has to be a better scientific and technical cooperation and a better efficacy to generate knowledge, applications and equipment related to the human performance assessment, improvement and recovery.

VITHUS has, essentially, the vocation to be open. There are members, cooperators and users. Any interested institution, association or company can join VITHUS as member, providing it has contribution to share. VITHUS do encourage the membership of legally incorporated organizations but values the contribution of professionals affiliated to them.

All interested people, member or not, affiliated or independent, specialist in the field or not, can participate and contribute, in the virtual space, to the public activity of VITHUS, mailing to members or posting messages on forum, to share opinions, call for information or just giving ideas. Obviously, the public discussion will be done precisely on the VITHUS related field, strictly observing legal and accepted rules on intellectual property, personal privacy and good manners.
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